How to Secure More Sales with a Luxury Bathroom Design


In order to secure more potential buyers, developers are looking for ways to incentivise their projects – but what if an incentive could be as simple as transforming a bathroom from "mediocre" to "luxury".


As the residential market becomes more competitive and more developments are brought to fruition, developers are beginning to use luxurious bathroom and laundry spaces as unique selling points to secure more buyers and to stand out from their competition.


Since the bathroom is often viewed as the second most important room in a property (after the kitchen), this strategy makes sense. That’s why it’s important for developers to think about how they can strategically transform these spaces in order to drive their project to success.


Creating a luxury bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, either. Here are five simple ways to take a bathroom/laundry space from mediocre to luxury:


Get Colourful


Kitchen and bathroom spaces are now becoming statement areas, where bold colours and accents work to show-off the property. That’s why developers should be moving away from stock-standard colours and beginning to think outside the box.


Instead of opting for standard chrome tapware, black and gun-metal colours are becoming more popular options and are an easy way to transform the space. Couple this with bold colours that are accented throughout the entire property and the space instantly gets a touch of "luxury".


There are brands of tapware and fittings that come in every colour and style so it is easy for developers to quickly replace their standard options for something more sophisticated.


Embrace Technology


Technology is constantly evolving in every facet of residential development, and bathroom/laundry design is no different. By implementing the latest and most accessible technology in a bathroom, the space feels modern, innovative and forward-thinking.


Imagine being able to tell potential buyers that they can step into the shower and have it set at the perfect temperature, every time. Or that they can set the shower temperature based on a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ method where it’s different depending on who’s using it. That is a powerful selling point.


That’s just one example of the type of technology that modern bathrooms should be implementing: thermostatic mixing valves.




One thing that has become clear in the residential development industry is that potential buyers value the ability to choose. This can be capitalised on by including elements in a bathroom/laundry that can be fully customised depending on the buyers’ individual style.


These customisable elements allow the buyer to create the luxury space that they want – completely dependent on their own style, needs and desires. This is a unique selling point, and it gives the buyer the ability to connect with the development and create something that is their own.


Choose Quality


One of the easiest ways to transform a bathroom and laundry space is by opting for better quality products and toilet suites. Instead of utilising cheap products, choosing brand-name Italian and German products works as an incentive for potential purchasers.


With the rise of home renovation shows and as bathroom design becomes embedded in popular culture, buyers are now becoming more familiar with high-quality brand names and are actively looking for developments that feature Italian and German products.


Use Thoughtful Design


Creating a bathroom/laundry floorplan that has been thought out – right down to where the toilet is in relation to the shower – is the smallest thing that can transform the space into a luxurious one. If a bathroom and laundry space is well designed, it can add significant value to the property and entice more potential buyers.


Developers should consider using smart design strategies and including features such as glass screens, wall-mounted appliances and space-saving techniques to significantly change how the space looks and feels.


These simple tricks work for residential developments of any size and scale, and are an ingenious way to attract potential buyers – especially in a competitive market where having a point of difference is paramount to a project’s success.


Source: The Urban Developer


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