2019 · 18. May 2019
The new owners of this home in the USA inherited a backyard shed that was far too large to ignore. With some clever DIY, they managed to turn their backyard "eyesore" into a moneymaker. It took them a year of fitting in DIY work in the evenings and on weekends after their day jobs, but the couple now has one very cute tiny house for "beloved—and paying—guests," according to Apartment Therapy.
2019 · 17. May 2019
Investors may be able to receive thousands more in tax deductions on renovations by carefully choosing their fixtures, fittings and materials, according to one quantity surveyor.

2019 · 16. May 2019
Home renovations hit a 14-year high last years as tighter lending conditions saw fewer Aussies move house. In fact, the volume of renovations in the September 2018 quarter was 11 per cent higher than the same quarter in 2017. And with the Australian property market set to fall further, this could well continue, says Master Builders Australia’s chief economist, Shane Garrett.
2019 · 15. May 2019
Your imagination can run wild thinking of the bacteria lurking in your home. But people tend to look in the wrong direction when it comes to fighting germs in the kitchen. Disinfect these seven germ sanctuaries as soon as possible.

2019 · 15. May 2019
Building a new house or renovating your current one can be an exciting time. But things can easily go wrong, especially with more complex projects. We ask the experts how to make your build a success.
2019 · 14. May 2019
When Jane Goodall and Christopher Parkinson bought 42 Durack Street in Downer – then a typical Canberra 1960s property – in 2013, they were planning to simply extend the house. “We fell in love with the beautiful oak trees that line the street. It’s a friendly, quiet neighbourhood but surrounded by lots of good cafes, restaurants and walking trails,” Jane explains.

2019 · 09. May 2019
This beautiful home was made over by its retailer owner — with every step of the way documented for social media.
2019 · 07. May 2019
Renovating is one way to improve the value of a home prior to sale, but significant improvements can be costly and time consuming, and not everyone has the spare cash to splash on an extensive reno. So how do you get the best price for your fixer-upper for under $5000?

2019 · 06. May 2019
Want to see the back of those ugly old wall tiles, that scratched bathtub? How about that mouldy grouting that refuses to come clean? Along with the kitchen, revamping a bathroom – especially if you want to rip out the entire thing and start again – is one of the most expensive projects you can undertake.
2019 · 06. May 2019
Bathroom waterproofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your property floors and walls. It is extremely important for your bathroom renovation.

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