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2020 · 18/04/2020
Modern kitchen's lacquer cabinetry is custom made for a clean, modern aesthetic. Backsplash and countertop, made of Calacatta marble
2020 · 04/04/2020
Thinking of selling your home? As the market cools, here’s why you may have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars extra to get a sale.

2020 · 28/03/2020
SYDNEY’S housing market might be cooling, but apparently, home renovations are booming.
2020 · 14/03/2020
Home Renovation of $30k took 37 years incredible transformation.

2020 · 22/02/2020
Declining house prices have been well documented in recent months. Auction clearance rates in Sydney at the start of December were as low as 41% and many economists are predicting interest rates hikes and a recession like housing market. Renovating your home can add a lot of value.
2020 · 09/02/2020
Suzanne Gorman's approach to home design is very simple. “There are two elements – the invested and the interchangeable,” she says. “The joinery and floorboards are the constant mainstays, and the rest should be regularly changed-up, from the wallpapers and soft furnishings.

2020 · 07/02/2020
Renovating is one way to improve the value of a home prior to sale, but significant improvements can be costly and time consuming, and not everyone has the spare cash to splash on an extensive reno.
2020 · 24/01/2020
The key to making your dream home renovation a reality is knowing where to splash out for maximum impact, according to Beaumont Tiles' Design Specialist Christie Wood.

2020 · 20/01/2020
Last year, Australian renovators spent an average $20,000 on their kitchens and $13,000 on their master bathrooms, according to analysis from Houzz.
2020 · 17/01/2020
A four-bedroom two-bathroom Victorian home is on the market in Goulburn. ... of Ray White Goulburn said the house was completely renovated around two months ago, with new carpet, a new kitchen and bathroom, restored fireplaces, rewiring, replumbing, ducted heating and a new Colorbond roof.

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