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Renovation Advice · 10/09/2020
Home renovation can go a long way towards boosting our quality of life. The money we spend on renovations will be doubled later in the resale value. Here are five most important factors to consider before your home renovation.
2020 · 18/04/2020
Modern kitchen's lacquer cabinetry is custom made for a clean, modern aesthetic. Backsplash and countertop, made of Calacatta marble

2020 · 04/04/2020
Thinking of selling your home? As the market cools, here’s why you may have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars extra to get a sale.
2020 · 28/03/2020
SYDNEY’S housing market might be cooling, but apparently, home renovations are booming.

2020 · 14/03/2020
Home Renovation of $30k took 37 years incredible transformation.
2020 · 22/02/2020
Declining house prices have been well documented in recent months. Auction clearance rates in Sydney at the start of December were as low as 41% and many economists are predicting interest rates hikes and a recession like housing market. Renovating your home can add a lot of value.

2020 · 09/02/2020
Suzanne Gorman's approach to home design is very simple. “There are two elements – the invested and the interchangeable,” she says. “The joinery and floorboards are the constant mainstays, and the rest should be regularly changed-up, from the wallpapers and soft furnishings.
2020 · 07/02/2020
Renovating is one way to improve the value of a home prior to sale, but significant improvements can be costly and time consuming, and not everyone has the spare cash to splash on an extensive reno.

2020 · 24/01/2020
The key to making your dream home renovation a reality is knowing where to splash out for maximum impact, according to Beaumont Tiles' Design Specialist Christie Wood.
2020 · 20/01/2020
Last year, Australian renovators spent an average $20,000 on their kitchens and $13,000 on their master bathrooms, according to analysis from Houzz.

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