2020 · 18/04/2020
Modern kitchen's lacquer cabinetry is custom made for a clean, modern aesthetic. Backsplash and countertop, made of Calacatta marble
2020 · 11/04/2020
If you believe the real estate adage that kitchens sell houses, then last week on The Block could be the biggest indication yet as to who will win the series. Kerrie and Spence took out the top prize with their elegant, high-tech kitchen, while Hayden and Sara made it into second place for their great choice of orientation. Hans and Courtney, however, were criticised on the placement of their kitchen and its disconnection from the main living area.

2020 · 04/04/2020
Thinking of selling your home? As the market cools, here’s why you may have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars extra to get a sale.
2020 · 28/03/2020
SYDNEY’S housing market might be cooling, but apparently, home renovations are booming.

2020 · 21/03/2020
There’s no doubt today’s kitchens are very different to those of 20 years ago. These days kitchens are more than just areas to prepare food. Instead they serve as a family meeting place, an office, or even the main entertaining area.
2020 · 14/03/2020
Home Renovation of $30k took 37 years incredible transformation.

2020 · 07/03/2020
The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms of the house and a refresh can add considerable value to your home. In this cost guide we delve into the range of potential costs associated with a bathroom renovation.
2020 · 22/02/2020
Declining house prices have been well documented in recent months. Auction clearance rates in Sydney at the start of December were as low as 41% and many economists are predicting interest rates hikes and a recession like housing market. Renovating your home can add a lot of value.

2020 · 15/02/2020
When you're planning a tiling project, it's exciting to choose tile colours and designs – but these aren't the only things which will make a big difference to how your tiled space looks and feels. The tile pattern you choose will also have a big impact on the finished project. Here's our quick run down of eight of the most popular tile pattern choices.
2020 · 14/02/2020
As we are extremely busy with ongoing kitchens and bathrooms renovation projects, our kitchen and bathroom showroom is open by appointments only.

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