Planning is key to keeping a renovation on time and on budget, but even the best laid plans falter. Allow time for the inevitable setbacks. Here are some roadblocks to look out for.

Inspect what's underneath

Sometimes you may find surprises like rotting floor or water leaks under your tiles. Be sure to take a look for these early with a building inspection so you know what to expect.

Inspect water leaks

Plan for Customization

Bespoke items that are made to order, like vanities and benchtops, can take longer than you anticipate. Order them early to avoid project delays.

Avoid bathroom renovation delays


Some older homes may have asbestos in their floors, ceilings and walls. Consult your builder about the potential of asbestos in your bathroom so you can account for its removal if necessary.

Asbestos removal

Plan your tradespeople

Timelines are sensitive. Ensuring the right tradespeople are there at the right times is integral to the execution of your renovation. Book ahead and allow enough time for each task to be completed.

Plan your tradespeople

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