Home Renovations: Where Do I Start?

five most important factors for your home renovations planning

1. The Purpose of Your Home Renovation

  • Sell the property?
  • Rent out the property?
  • Fix existing leaking or damage?
  • Just a new look with more functionality?

2. Your Home Renovation Budget

Do not spend more than 5% of your property total value:

  • Doing it all at once: cheaper;
  • Doing it bit by bit: to relieve the financial stress.

3. Set A Time-Frame

You are losing money if your renovations cause the delayed of selling, renting or moving into this renovated home.


4. What To Renovate

Your kitchen and bathroom should be considered as a top remodeling priority.


5. Selecting The Right Person For The Right Job

A good renovator must help you from start to finish, help you through designing, planning, choosing materials, getting renovation approval, organizing the whole project, supervising the sub-contractors and troubleshooting any job site unexpected issues.


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