This leaking backyard shed was renovated into an adorable tiny house for $20K

The new owners of this home in the USA inherited a backyard shed that was far too large to ignore. With some clever DIY, they managed to turn their backyard "eyesore" into a moneymaker.


It took them a year of fitting in DIY work in the evenings and on weekends after their day jobs, but the couple now has one very cute tiny house for "beloved—and paying—guests," according to Apartment Therapy.


"We were both interested in the idea of creating a 'tiny house' space, and wanted to see how we could create a space that was comfortable while still compact," they explain.

"When we purchased our home in the West Ashley area of Charleston, it came with a pretty run-of-the-mill storage shed... but at 200 square feet, it was far too large for our needs. On top of that, the roof leaked pretty badly in several places (we later found that it lacked adequate waterproofing during the renovation) and it was a bit of an eyesore that dominated our backyard," explain owners Jesse and Ashley Darland.


"We really liked the idea of generating our own income, plus we would also gain a stylish place for friends and family to stay when they came to visit."

The pair decided to do as much of the renovation as possible, especially considering Ashley was "raised with a strong DIY work ethic."


Choosing to turn the 200sqft shed into a tiny home was a smart decision: guests get all the dollhouse charm tiny homes afford, while family and friends coming to stay are able to enjoy their own separate space on the property.


Considering how their US$15,000 (AU$20,700) renovation turned out, we don't think they'll have any problems renting this Airbnb.

Inside, the aqua of the front door is continued in theme with the oar and in furnishings.


"From beginning to end, we spent about a year total on the renovation. We did most of the work ourselves on nights and weekends, when we were researching how to proceed. We learned a lot on this project!"

The small kitchen is cute, sure, but it has everything renters/guests would need for a short stay: fridge, microwave, sink, basic dishes, electric kettle, and coffee maker.


The barn door is a statement piece in the home, and it's Jesse and Ashley's favourite:


"By far, our favorite feature is the barn door that separates the bathroom from the rest of the space. It's made from wood taken from an old tobacco barn on Ashley's grandmother's property. Her dad put it together, and it's really the centerpiece of the space.


We also love the general light, airy feeling of the tiny house. We wanted to evoke a beach-cottage feel without going overboard, so we generally chose lighter-toned materials when decorating the space."

How did it cost them just over $20k (US$15k) - especially with a leaking roof? There's even an outdoor deck!


Ashley's parents gave the couple oodles of DIY and renovating advice, worth its weight in gold.


"Wherever possible, we used salvaged materials to keep costs down. We did have to wire the building for electricity and add plumbing, Also because the guest house is so far from our main house, it needs its own hot water heater, which was an additional expense," they explain.

The larger windows and bright aqua door are inviting, with the stone path adding that extra touch of charm.


It's safe to say this has gone from "eyesore" to adorable. This not-quite-right shed is now a delightful addition to the backyard that earns this couple an income.


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