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Ashfield Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Dulwich Hill Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Randwick Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Castle Hill Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Castlecrag Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Epping Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Home Renovations: Where Do I Start?

five most important factors for your home renovations planning

1. The Purpose of Your Home Renovation

  • Sell the property?
  • Rent out the property?
  • Fix existing leaking or damage?
  • Just a new look with more functionality?
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Randwick Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Castle Hill Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Greenwich Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Collaroy Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Liberty Grove Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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St Ives Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Villawood Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Mascot Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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North Epping Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Mona Vale Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Redfern Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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Baulkham Hills Kitchen Renovations

Blum soft closing doors; Hafele soft closing drawers; Satin white polyurethane handless style; 20mm engineered stone benchtop.


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White Bathroom Package

Package includes: Demolition; Plumbing; Waterproofing; Floor tiling; Wall tiling; Supply and install White PC items.


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Standard Chrome Bathroom Package

Package includes: Demolition; Plumbing; Waterproofing; Floor tiling; Wall tiling; Supply and install Chrome PC items.


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Standard Stone Colors Selection

Same price, 8 colors of your choice.


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Standard Black Bathroom Package

Package Includes: Demolition; Plumbing; Waterproofing; Floor tiling; Wall tiling; Supply and install Matt Black PC items.


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Our Favorite Small Kitchens with Major Style

Get inspired to spice up your tiny cooking space.

Source: elledecor

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Four big kitchen trends for 2020 and two you can say farewell to

If you believe the real estate adage that kitchens sell houses, then last week on The Block could be the biggest indication yet as to who will win the series.

Kerrie and Spence took out the top prize with their elegant, high-tech kitchen, while Hayden and Sara made it into second place for their great choice of orientation. Hans and Courtney, however, were criticised on the placement of their kitchen and its disconnection from the main living area.


Functionality, natural materials and moody colour palettes were among the key trends showcased on the series, but what can we expect to see for kitchens in 2020?

All kitchen appliances from a luxury kitchen
Kerrie and Spence's winning room had all the appliances you could expect from a luxury kitchen. Photo: Channel Nine


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Sellers forking out up to $60,000 on renovations to attract ‘picky’ buyers as housing market cools

Thinking of selling your home? As the market cools, here’s why you may have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars extra to get a sale.

As the housing market cools, sellers are having to splash out tens of thousands of dollars on renovations to make their homes look brand new to appeal to “picky” buyers.

The Chinese buyers are picky

According to Carrie Law, chief executive of real estate portal, Chinese buyers in particular want “like-new” properties, while Chinese vendors are faster to spend on renovations than locals.


“Chinese buyers are the biggest international buyer group, but they are picky,” she said.


“They are especially picky in this market. They want a gorgeous home so they can show the pictures to their friends back home and make them jealous. They tend to like homes that look as close to new as possible.”


Foreign buyers are able to buy only established, second-hand property if they have Australian residency or have become citizens.


Concern about Chinese buyers driving up prices forced state and federal governments to implement a number of tax changes last year, causing many to go elsewhere. Chinese investment in Australian real estate has fallen by roughly 70 per cent since 2015.


Ms Law said Chinese vendors tended to be much more aware than others that property needs to present well to sell well “because that’s what’s expected in China, too”.


“The Chinese in Sydney who we see selling today are much more likely than other vendors to have invested in pre-sale renovations,” she said. “While others ask if they should spend $5000 on staging, Chinese vendors are spending five times that on a new bathroom.”


In mainland China, many Chinese keep investment properties empty so it’s in better shape when they come to sell it. Sometimes they even maintain it as a shell, with no ceilings, floors, walls, kitchen, or bathrooms.


“From the day of purchase, they are calculating how to generate the best return when they sell,” Ms Law said.


“In China, rental yields are very low while price gains have been extremely high. That explains why many property owners don’t bother to find renters for their investment properties.”

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Map reveals the city suburbs where home improvements are booming

PLANNING on starting some new home improvements? Then you probably live in the western suburbs, a new survey has revealed.

SYDNEY’S housing market might be cooling, but apparently, home renovations are booming. recently analysed 5000 home improvement and renovation jobs which occurred throughout the NSW capital over the past 12 months.


The findings revealed western Sydney residents undertook the highest number of renovations since 2017, at a speed of 50 per cent more than residents in the eastern suburbs and more than 25 per cent the amount of those in the north shore.


CEO Jeremy Levitt said the results were a fascinating insight into the priorities of Sydney homeowners.

home renovations are booming
Sydney's renovation hot spots

“Greater Western Sydney is where the majority of the residential work is. With a developing CBD in Parramatta, many white collar workers can live in these outer suburbs with less of a commute to work, and a smaller mortgage,” he explained.


“Additionally, houses further from the CBD tend to be larger in size with more scope for home improvement, renovations and repair jobs.


“Residents living in the eastern suburbs renovated 40 per cent more than their counterparts across the bridge in the Lower North Shore. Most notably, those living in Bondi Beach required 47 per cent more renovation services than those in Mosman.”


According to the findings, the suburbs that renovated the most over the past year include Blacktown at 9.8 times more renovations than average, followed by Baulkham Hills, Barangaroo, Quakers Hill, Parramatta, Castle Hill, Surry Hills, Ryde, Carlingford and Hornsby.


Meanwhile, the suburbs that renovated the least in 2017 were Clontarf, Clareville, Roseville, Willoughby, Millers Point, Balmain East, Watsons Bay, McMahons Point, Church Point and Berowra.


The analysis also revealed that in some suburbs, a significantly higher amount of residents completed renovation jobs than their neighbours, with residents in Lane Cove completing 89 per cent more renovation jobs than their neighbours in Artarmon.


Residents in Auburn undertook 53 per cent more makeovers than their neighbours in Granville, while those living in Hornsby took on 42 per cent more jobs than their neighbours in Turramurra.



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Before and after: A family-friendly Sydney kitchen renovation

There’s no doubt today’s kitchens are very different to those of 20 years ago. These days kitchens are more than just areas to prepare food. Instead they serve as a family meeting place, an office, or even the main entertaining area.

Appliance designs have adapted to the increasing amount of technology that is now incorporated into products, and appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers are often integrated into the cabinetry to blend in with the rest of the furniture.

Fisher & Paykel Kitchen Appliances
Fisher & Paykel’s Senior Industrial Designer Simone Stephens and General Manager of Design Mark Elmore.

Local customer focus Appliances design

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This is what a 37-year renovation of a rundown $30,000 Queenslander looks like

Home Renovation of $30k took 37 years incredible transformation


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How much does a bathroom renovation cost?


The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms of the house and a refresh can add considerable value to your home. In this cost guide we delve into the range of potential costs associated with a bathroom renovation.


When renovating a bathroom, cost is a considerable factor for deciding on style, features and amenities. But how much should you expect to budget for when planning a bathroom refresh?


For an estimate figure, you can expect to spend anywhere between $10,000 to $35,000+. The cost can vary depending on the size of your bathroom, the materials used, as well as any labour costs. However, it is possible for a renovation to cost lower around $5000 if you are willing to swap out a few items or keep the refresh a largely cosmetic update.


Expect to pay more if you are thinking of a complete renovation or:

  • Undertaking any structural work
  • Want new features that require additional plumbing works
  • Are moving plumbing from one area to another
  • Replacing all wall and floor tiles


How long will my bathroom renovation take?


Depending on the scale of the project, the renovation will take time so allow anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks of labour. Factors that can affect this timeframe include:

  • Any structural works
  • Moving plumbing and/or electrical elements
  • Having large amounts of tiles to lay
  • Unforeseen events, like discovering asbestos in your wall or floor cavity.


The research, planning and design of the renovation, with no major structural changes, allow around 6 to 8 weeks for this phase. This includes:

  • Time to develop the design
  • Selecting materials and fittings
  • Getting quotes from a range of businesses.


Which tradies do I need for my bathroom renovation?


Wondering who you may need to hire for your bathroom project? These are the most common trades you will need to call on:


Bathroom builders can manage and run your project completely on your behalf, and often have all trades on staff to cover different aspects of the job. If not, they can coordinate sub-contractors. This will cost you extra but will take the hassle out of any renovation job.


If you are hiring individual trades:


Architects help to design floor plans for your new bathroom, ensuring everything is logically laid out to suit your lifestyle. Expect to pay for the privilege of their expertise.


Carpenters and cabinet makers can help install custom storage in your bathroom, such as a vanity, cabinetry or any other timber elements such as a new door or window.


Electricians can help install lighting, power points, heating, ventilation and much more.


Painters will need to paint any areas that are not covered by tiles or other elements, preferably with a moisture and wear-resistant paint.


Plumbers are perhaps the most crucial tradie on your project, so make sure you hire one who has a good track record of working on bathrooms.


Tilers are another crucial trade who can can make or break the look of your bathroom. They also need to get small details right, like making sure your shower recess drains properly.


Waterproofers will use a variety of sealants and membranes to make sure your bathroom is properly sealed - so you don't have leaks sprouting up all over the place.


Does my bathroom renovator need to be licensed?


Most elements of a bathroom renovation, such as plumbing and tiling require the use of a licensed contractor. A complete bathroom renovation will typically require a licensed builder, with some states having a licence specifically for bathroom and kitchen renovations. Individual trades such as plumbers, waterproofers and sparkies all need to be qualified and licensed.


Hiring a bathroom renovator


When it comes time to hiring a contractor make sure they are right for your job. Some questions to ask then include:

  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured to work in my home?
  • How long will my job take?
  • Can you provide a written quote?
  • Do you have references I can follow up?
  • Can I see examples of your work?


Complete bathroom renovation costs


So how much will you have to spend? As a guideline, expect to spend in the region of:

  • $5,000 - $15,000 for a cosmetic makeover or smaller bathroom renovation using budget materials and fittings.
  • $15,000 - $25,000 for an average sized mid-range renovation using mid-range materials and fittings
  • $25,000+ for a high end bathroom renovation using top of the range materials and fittings.


The Housing Industry Association (HIA) found $17,000 to be the average value for bathrooms installed as part of a renovation in 2015. The best way of working out how much your project will cost is to get a range of quotes from local businesses who specialise in renovating bathrooms. You may be surprised how different they are..


#hiptip: Get at least three quotes before you commit to hiring anyone, so you can compare price and level of service


Estimating your bathroom renovation costs


Some of the major costs to plan for include:

  • Plumbing, especially if you are moving plumbing or installing new elements.
  • Tiling, which could include floor and wall tiles.
  • Frameless shower screen, semi-frameless shower screen or standard shower screen.
  • Bath, which could be integrated or freestanding.
  • Toilet, which could be a standard version or have an in-wall cistern.
  • Vanity, standard or wall mounted which looks cleaner and gives you more floor space.
  • Lighting, which could be task, general or mood.
  • Waterproofing, to ensure your bathroom doesn’t leak.

Plumbers charge a call-out fee of $60 to $100, with hourly rates anywhere from $100 - $150 depending on the plumber. The fee your plumber charges will depend on where you live and may vary according to the plumber’s skill level.


Expect to pay:

  • $80 to $250 to replace and fit bath or basin taps or a new shower head
  • $160 to $550 to install to install a toilet, basin, sink or bath


If a plumber is quoting for a large project such as your bathroom renovation project, ask for an itemised quote which details all the elements they are charging for.




The size of your bathroom is going to be a major factor in the cost of your renovation, and since so much of a bathroom is tiled, you need to know what the boundaries of your budget are. Expect to be quoted on a per square metre rate by bathroom tilers, which could range from $35 per square metre to $120 per square metre. $60 per square metre is the average for laying bathroom tiles. The cost of the actual tiles would be on top of this, so be sure to factor this in.


For wall tiles expect to pay from $20 to $28 per square meter for standard white ceramic wall tiles (600mm x 300mm) to $68 per square metre for steel grey polished porcelain wall tiles (150mm x 600mm). Moving up in price expect to pay around $86 per square metre for handmade Spanish white gloss ceramic subway tiles (150mm x 75mm) and $159 per square metre for artisan manufactured ceramic wall tiles (200mm x 200mm).


For floor tiles expect to pay $35 to $50 per square meter for ceramic or porcelain tiles, $50 to $100 per square meter for high quality porcelain and $80 to $130 per square meter for high quality natural stone tiles.




Baths range in price from affordable and versatile acrylic, to durable cast iron and flexible fibreglass to high end natural stone. Expect to pay anywhere from $350 for a plumber to replace and fit a bath. New baths can range from as little as $400 to thousands of dollars, with stone freestanding versions at the upper end of the scale.

#hiptip: Keep your existing plumbing layout to avoid costly works


Shower screens


Shower screens vary in price according to their size and if they are framed, semi-frameless or frameless, with the latter being the most costly. Expect to pay in the region of $400 to have a basic framed shower screen installed. Frameless shower screens use thicker glass, and are consequently more expensive - expect to pay in excess of $600 depending on the size and number of panels.




Depending on the toilet you choose, these can cost from $150 to $750 or more for a floor-mounted hidden cistern or wall hung toilet. On average, a good quality floor-mounted vitreous china toilet costs between $275 and $450.




Bathroom vanities range in price from:

  • $467 for a 900mm wall hung vanity with hidden handles
  • $849 for a 750mm floorstanding console vanity
  • $999 for a 1500mm double bowl vanity
  • $1360 for a 1200mm wall hung vanity with integrated cermaic basin




Expect waterproofing to cost anywhere from $500 to $750 for an average sized bathroom.


Alternatives to a complete bathroom reno


If you’ve estimated the cost of a dream bathroom renovation and the amount is higher than you can afford, there are ways to modernise your bathroom without breaking the bank. Some alternatives to a complete bathroom renovation include:


  • Installing a new shower screen
  • Bath and basin resurfacing
  • Painting bathroom tiles
  • Installing a skylight


 * All the costs and prices quoted were sourced at the time this article was written. They are indicative, may vary locally, are subject to market forces and should only be used as a guide.


Source: hipages


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How to upgrade your house while you wait for the market to improve

Renovating your home can add a lot of value

Homeowners should now consider adding value to their existing home, particularly if their strategy is to wait out the downturn. A good builder or renovator will be able to help you with this.


By making small but considered changes, you could update your home to suit your current needs, and it’s simpler than you think. But it’s more than just adding value, the right investments can upgrade your lifestyle too.


Here are some of the best ways to add value to your home and some suggestions on how to approach it.

Renovating your home can add a lot of value. Photo: Kadmy, Bigstock

Make smart additions

Think about what you could add to your house to make it more comfortable, without costing too much or causing too much inconvenience to you and your family. The addition of a pool may seem like a great idea when summer rolls around, but it often turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth – especially with the hassle, and cost, of maintenance.


There are more simple additions which are less risky. Features which can be used every day such as a garage, an en-suite bathroom or walk-in wardrobes will not only make your home more livable but they are features which buyers look for when purchasing.

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Bathroom Tiling - 8 Most Popular Tile Patterns

When you're planning a tiling project, it's exciting to choose tile colours and designs – but these aren't the only things which will make a big difference to how your tiled space looks and feels. The tile pattern you choose will also have a big impact on the finished project. Here's our quick run down of eight of the most popular tile pattern choices.

1. The Straight Lay Pattern

This is the most commonly used tile pattern of all, and the easiest to do. It's probably the best choice if you have never tiled before. The tiles are simply laid side by side in a straight line, to give an overall even grid pattern. It's a good choice of pattern for rooms where you don't want the tiles to distract from other design features.

straight up pattern
straight up pattern

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What To Know Before Contacting Us


As we are extremely busy with ongoing kitchens and bathrooms renovation projects, our kitchen and bathroom showroom is open by appointments only.

What We do

  • We do FREE online kitchens and bathrooms design and quotation.
  • We do complete kitchens renovation.
  • We do complete bathrooms renovation, and we are flexible with bathroom items you choose.
  • We do complete homes renovation including painting.
  • We sell kitchen and bathroom products to our own renovation projects only.

What We don't do

  • We don't provide FREE on-site design quotation until you have decided to use us for your project, otherwise $300 charge for a home design and quotation visit.
  • We don't provide repairing and resurfacing kitchens bathrooms services, or replacing kitchen doors.
  • We don't sell cheap laminate kitchens benchtops or doors.


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Bathroom renovation: Step by step guide

It’s good to know what to expect when such a large project is happening in your home. Here is a step by step guide so you have a better idea what jobs happen when.

1. Design your bathroom

The first step is to work out how your new bathroom will look and work. It needs to be laid be practical if you are going to enjoy using it and spending time in it. There needs to be a logical flow to all the major elements, including the bathtub, vanity, toilet and shower. This can be done on paper, or there are some really nifty apps or 3D modelling tools that can help you nail your bathroom design. Your bathroom builder can help design your bathroom for maximum convenience.

Design your bathroom
Bathroom Renovation Planning
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How To Choose the Perfect Paint Color?

Home painting will keep your home renovation looking its best for many years to come. here is A very good article to share: How To Choose the Perfect Paint Color? Look at The Light!

Paint color and light go hand in hand, and are a complex couple. Your paint color will look different depending on the light that it's exposed to. The tricky part is this: light is never consistent and how it shines depends entirely on time and context. Learn the different light variables, and how color responds, and you are well on your way to becoming a paint master of the universe. Read more.

Still not Sure about the paint Colours? you can also talk to One of Colour Designers

Deciding on the right colour and scheme can sometimes be the hardest part of the renovation project. Consulting  one of the colour designers from Dulux or British Paints can also make the whole renovation process a lot easier.


Both Dulux and British Paints provide colour design service, their qualified interior decorator can visit your home and help with selecting the paint colours for your home. Most importantly, their pricing is very reasonable:


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How the stylish live: At home with interior designer Suzanne Gorman

Suzanne Gorman’s approach to home design is very simple. “There are two elements – the invested and the interchangeable,” she says. “The joinery and floorboards are the constant mainstays, and the rest should be regularly changed-up, from the wallpapers and soft furnishings, to floor rugs and artwork. It keeps life exciting!”

Suzanne Gorman in her Willoughby home

The interior designer, and director of Studio Gorman, moved into her Willoughby home 18 years ago with her husband. Showing great restraint, the couple lived in the home for nearly a decade before renovating.


“I’m glad we did,” she says, “we were able to get a real feel for the house. We also had our family here, so in time, we knew who we were building our home for.”

An original 1920s bungalow, the house is characteristic of the area

An original 1920s bungalow, the house is characteristic of the area.


“The streets are lined with them,” she says. “They were the project home of their era. Very small with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Teeny weeny, but this one has superb positioning.”


With a perfect north-east aspect, Gorman says the constant flow of natural light throughout is a real advantage.

Equally treasured are Gorman’s graphic kitchen pendent lights by Muuto

“The sun rises at the back where the kitchen is, and then moves around the house, so we get sun and soft light all day. The right aspect can really change your mood.”



Before renovating, Gorman planted Leighton Greens around the property’s periphery.



“18 years later they are five metres tall, lush and provide absolute privacy,” she says. “It makes our garden feel like a secluded haven. It was a good move.”

Gorman says her personal style is very “Sydney-relaxed” and her house reflects this.

Gorman says the decision to renovate wasn’t an immediate one. “We could have built a project home, which was popular at the time in this area, or renovate the original house. We chose the latter.”


“For us it was about wanting to maintain the streetscape and respect the home’s heritage. I love a good blend of old and new. For me, it is preferable to building a faux bungalow,” she says.


Gorman plotted her renovation, not just with her family in mind, but for future resale.

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What to consider before your bathroom renovations

make the best choices for your bathroom renovations with these tips

Bathroom renovations can transform your home and add great value to your property when they are done well. It's important that you think about what you want to achieve in a new bathroom before you get started, and hire qualified professionals to ensure that your plumbing and electrical don't cause unwanted problems down the road. When you call us to discuss your bathroom or ensuite renovations, we'll talk to you on how to make the best decisions, and here are a few tips of what to keep in mind.

Bathroom Renovation Budget

Working out a budget before you get started will help guide your decision making. It will allow you to look more closely into realistic make-over options, and rule out early on anything that will blow the budget.

We'll be able to work with you knowing your figures, to suggest tiles, cabinetry, ceramics and accessories that will fit your vision for your renovation without breaking the bank.

Must-Have Bathroom Items

Is there something that you can't live without? Have you been saving for this renovation in order to put in the spa bathtub of your dreams or a shower big enough to dance in?

Let us know your 'Must-Have' items early on so that we can build your design and quote around them.

Let us know your 'Dream Items' too (the things you'd love to have but might be a little unrealistic) – you never know if there might be room left in the budget for the stone bench tops or the heated towel racks after all!

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How to spend less than $5000 preparing a rundown home for sale

Securing the maximum price on auction day is front of mind for any vendor. But getting top dollar for a property that needs work can be challenging, especially if your budget for improvement is tight.


There are many reasons for selling a rundown or tired property. Downsizing, selling a home inherited from a deceased relative or a sudden urgency due to a growing family are all common factors.


Renovating is one way to improve the value of a home prior to sale, but significant improvements can be costly and time consuming, and not everyone has the spare cash to splash on an extensive reno.


So how do you get the best price for your fixer-upper for under $5000?


Where to spend $5000 to prepare your home for sale


Although updating the kitchen and bathroom can have a big impact, a major renovation can set you back tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete, which simply isn’t possible within a tight budget and time frame.


Instead, focus on the areas of the home that will enhance the look for minimal outlay and make a good first impression.


One example of an affordable pre-sale renovation is this four-bedroom character home being sold in Carlton.


Although the tidy home has had some improvements over the years, including a new bathroom, the vendors limited their scope to minor cosmetic updates when preparing for sale, and avoided renovating the kitchen.


“The vendors did the minimum to get it ready for market, but there’s still scope to make money on this house by opening up the rear,” selling agent Kristina Lee, from Professionals Montgomery Group, explains.


To prepare a dated property for sale, Ms Lee always recommends repainting interior walls in a neutral colour, as well as replacing carpets or refinishing floorboards.


“For $5000 you could repaint and recarpet, which freshens up the smell of the home too,” Ms Lee says.


First impressions are especially important, so tidying the front garden, pruning hedges and mowing the lawn will enhance curb appeal.


“We advised the owners to put up a white picket fence, which cost less than $1000,” she says.


“Those changes would certainly add, in my opinion, at least $50,000 to the value,” she says.


$0 updates


The changes that will make the biggest impact may actually cost nothing more than a few weekends of hard work.


Decluttering is essential in preparing a property for sale. If a potential buyer can’t see past mountains of junk, they won’t be able to visualise the potential of the space. Clear out the clutter and put anything that can’t be tossed into storage out of sight, such as in the garage or under the house.


Likewise, removing daggy or outdated furniture, and paring back the space to staple items will make rooms feel bigger. Although styling might not be in your budget, consider borrowing statement pieces from friends or neighbours temporarily to improve the look of the home for inspection.


Give every surface a deep clean, including exterior surfaces and windows, floors and tiles. If you don’t have the time or energy for cleaning and decluttering, consider services like Airtasker to find an extra helping hand.


Untidy gardens and lawns can drag down a property’s potential value and make the home look uncared-for. Pruning, weeding and mowing all make a big impact, but adding bark mulch is an affordable update that is especially effective, as it injects colour and makes garden beds look neater.


If you don’t have a green thumb, include the cost of hiring a gardener for a day in your budget.


Know your buyer


It’s important to understand that the buyers of a dated or rundown property will likely be planning on renovating themselves, and will have their own ideas on what changes they want to make.


Sydney buyer’s agent and associate director of RPM Property, Kyah Johansson, believes that spending big on significant improvements can be counterproductive.


“If a home is liveable and it’s neat and tidy, you may be better off putting it to market as is,” she says.


That being said, Ms Johansson agrees that updating interior surfaces can appeal to buyers looking for a renovation project.


“If buyers can tick the walls and floorboards off their list, then they can focus their money and attention on the major areas like the kitchen and bathroom,” she says.


“A lot of people are looking at buying something that’s very liveable, then renting it out and saving for a renovation further down the track.”


Potential renovators may be living in the home or renting it out prior to starting work, so as long as the kitchen and bathroom are functional, they are best left alone as these are the areas renovators like to inject their personal touch.


Richard Baini, director of Richard Mathews Real Estate, agrees. “If there are areas of a home that people want to put their personal touch on, it’s the kitchen and bathroom,” he says.


The same notion extends to outdoor areas, as major work won’t necessarily get you the return you might expect.


“Everyday people aren’t professional landscapers, and it doesn’t make sense spending money on changes that don’t have broad appeal,” says Ms Johansson.


However, if your home has any significant problems, such as leaks or structural issues, it’s worthwhile hiring a building inspector to highlight any potential issues, and spending the money to repair them before sale.


“Most buyers want somewhere that just needs superficial work, most of them shy away from anything that needs structural work,” says Ms Lee.


Apart from turning off potential buyers, serious issues can also become bargaining chips, giving buyers a stronger negotiating position.


How to prepare a rundown home for sale for under $5000

  • Paint interior walls in a neutral colour
  • Replace carpets or refinish floorboards
  • Clean and declutter the entire home
  • Mow the lawn and prune overgrown plants
  • Paint the front fence to improve kerb appeal

Source: Domain News


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Is black bathroom tapware here to stay?

Black is the new black, especially in bathroom tapware.

It’s a look that is undoubtably striking and effortlessly chic, but is black tapware here to stay? It’s a big question in the bathroom space right now. Will black tapware date? Will black tapware fade? We spoke to the senior designers from Porter Davis, Randall Pye and Keith Fuller, to get some answers and delve a little deeper into the design debate.

 Is black bathroom tapware here to stay?
Black Bathroom Renovations

Is black bathroom tapware here to stay?

Randall: I think it’s here to stay, but perhaps not with the same prominence as we have seen lately. Black bathroom tapware is undoubtedly a very cool highlight at the moment, but I don’t think it’s for everyone or every bathroom. You have to consider if it will be a time marker on your bathroom, when the next design trend hits.

Keith: Yes. Black tapware can work well with any style of bathroom and is still growing in popularity – and fast! It’s perhaps not for everyone, but you can’t deny it has got staying power.

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Kitchen Renovation Tips and Tricks

make the best choices for your new Kitchen with these tips

It's tempting to choose the most stylish kitchen or the most affordable options and forget to think through everything that you need. Whether you're renovating your own kitchen or an investment property, it's important to remember the most desirable and most used features in a kitchen.

Beautiful, functional kitchen in Sydney


If you have a bit of flexibility with space and appliances, think about how a kitchen is used, what draws are opened the most, which benchtop will be the primary space for cutting, where will you enjoy your morning coffee, and where things should be stored?

Work with the design team to build a space in which processes flow smoothly: there should be power points where you will put your important accessories, the rubbish bin should be close to the cutting area. Simple functionality that will make your life better.


If you have limited bench space, make sure that you work with the team to optimise it! 


Countertops work best if there is a little overhang to prevent drips running down the face of your drawers. Stylistically, they are a big part of your kitchen, so make them a statement.

Quartz stone benchtops are really popular for their beauty and durability. Ask our team about choosing the right benchtop material and colour to make your kitchen stand out!

Bench space in modern Kitchen

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How much does a kitchen cost?

A budget kitchen can be built for as little as $10,000, but the Australia-wide average spend is $17,000 and you can pay $100,000 or more if you really want the best.


How much does a kitchen cost? Ask a kitchen designer that question and they are likely to think, “How much do you want to spend?” Though they’ll put it more politely and show you your options. A better question might be: “What is the range of costs for a new kitchen?” This way, you can buy a kitchen that fits the area you have to cover and your budget, too.

How much does a kitchen cost?

New kitchen price ranges

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How to Clean Grout: A Step by Step Guide

If you have tiled walls or floors, you will have grout lines across the surface. Grout keeps tiles in place and fills in the gap between every individual piece. Grouting is made from a porous material; so dirt, mould and stains can sink into the lines. These stains make your floor or wall look dirty even after you clean the surfaces well. Tiles are baked and have a glass-like surface that’s easier to clean, so people don’t spend much time trying to clean them.

Grout requires special attention to appear clean, and ordinary floor cleaners just won’t work. You need to put in some time and effort if you want your grouting to appear clean and unstained. Thankfully, the process isn’t that complicated and you can use homemade natural materials available in your home to clean grout. Grout cleaning is one of the most overlooked services when it comes to house cleaning.

What kind of materials do you need to grout clean?

  1. Gloves
  2. A bucket of water
  3. Baking soda
  4. Vinegar
  5. Scrubbing brush (or another grout cleaning tool, like a toothbrush)
  6. A floor-cleaning mop
  7. Tile cleaning agent

You can also use bleach or hydrogen peroxide along with baking soda if you want stronger cleaning solutions. You will require protective glasses and a breathing mask if you intend to work with these materials, as they can cause trouble with breathing and the fumes can smart your eyes.

How to clean grout with baking soda and vinegar method

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Como, 3/205 Labouchere Road

THIS beautifully renovated and cleverly extended townhouse sets a high standard in contemporary living.


Owners Gavin and Nola Allen originally bought the home in 2004 as an investment and have rented it out, used it as a weekender and their son lived at the address while attending university.


“This year, we have done a full renovation including adding a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry, ensuite, floor coverings, light fittings, plumbing fixtures and plantation shutters,” they said.


“Outside, we removed the existing courtyard and built a front entrance onto the house, and removed the existing back verandah and built a new large patio with bifold doors and kitchen servery with bifold window.


“As registered builders, we have been renovating homes for the past 20 years.”


The fittings combine luxury with industrial, such as exposed metal beams, feature lights, engineered wood-look flooring and lush carpet.


The warm and welcoming open-plan living and dining zone seamlessly connects to the alfresco area.


The stunning white kitchen will please any home chef, with spacious breakfast bar, stone benchtops, full complement of European appliances, soft-closing cabinetry and servery.


With a private balcony and ensuite, the master bedroom offers the perfect retreat, while the two minor bedrooms have access to the family bathroom with luxury shower and stylish wood and metal cabinetry.“We have been able to lock and leave the property as it’s only a small group of neighbours who are very considerate of each other,” the Allens said.


“You are two blocks walk to the Preston Street shops, with IGA, restaurants, cafes and Cygnet Cinemas and our son has been able to ride to uni.”


Source: Community Newspaper Group


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Tiles are the perfect finishing touch to your dream bathroom. Use your tiles to create the right mood and look. Here are four simple and effective tiling tricks.

Tip 1 - Use large tiles

Work with large floor and wall tiles to make your bathroom space feel larger.

Use large tiles for bathroom renovation
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Quirky Fitzroy North terrace brings kitchen and bathroom together

MELBOURNE has some weird and wonderful houses, and at this Fitzroy North terrace, you’ll find the kitchen and bathroom as one.


AN affordable way to get into Melbourne’s inner-north has hit the market.

But just make sure you watch your step.


The old charmer was once flagged for a ripper renovation. But a change in circumstance has left 71 Rae St, Fitzroy North, longing for some TLC.


“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Nelson Alexander Carlton North agent Janine Ballantyne said.


You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you’d stepped into a storage shed after throwing open the front door of the terrace house.


Bric-a-brac has taken the place of bedrooms and you won’t find ceilings or plastered walls.

There’s still space for daily life at the rear of the home, but it comes with some quirks to contend with.


The kitchen and bathroom are brought together in a single room, with the toilet just a few steps away from the kitchen sink.


Ascend a ladder to a loft bedroom, adorned with a rather striking arched window and another loo, too.


Despite the home’s rough condition and the sales campaign’s early days, Ms Ballantyne said buyers were eagerly knocking at the door.


“But I haven’t taken anyone through yet,” she said.


“It’s a very unique opportunity in a lovely pocket of Fitzroy North, and has a huge amount of potential.”


She said the price guide of $800,000-$850,000 was reflective of the property’s condition. It is set to go under the hammer on December 19.


CoreLogic sales records reveal it last sold in 1998 for $214,000.


The data firm recorded a 14.8 per cent rise in Fitzroy North’s median house price to $1.4 million across the 12 months to August.




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TLC brings dowdy Claremont apartment to life

Flaunting a fantastic outlook, but in dire need of some tender love and care, Drew Leverett and Rhionagh Rowley knew they had found the project for them when they stumbled upon this gem of an apartment in Claremont.


“Having grown up and gone to school in Mosman Park, I knew the area well and recognised the value in renovating in Claremont,” Ms Rowley said.


A love for updating and remodelling brought Mr Leverett and Ms Rowley together to start their own apartment renovation company, Leverett Design Co.


Mr Leverett is at the helm as the company’s cabinetmaker and builder and Ms Rowley serves as an interior designer.


The pair undertook a complete remodel of the Claremont apartment, taking out everything that formed the bathroom, laundry, kitchen and all the flooring.


“We sheeted the walls and ceiling and included negative detail around the skirting boards and cornices to give the illusion that the walls and ceilings were floating. This is really effective in rooms with low ceilings,” Ms Rowley said.


The living, kitchen and balcony were tiled with travertine imported from Italy and the bedrooms were given a new lease on life with fresh carpet.


Mr Leverett created and installed a whole wall of custom cabinetry in the living room, as well as cabinetry for the bathroom, laundry, toilet and kitchen.


An undisputed highlight of the renovated apartment, the kitchen features an all-glass breakfast bar supported by a brushed stainless steel leg.


“The glass is really effective in opening up the area, almost ghost-like while still providing seating and counter space,” Ms Rowley said.


Also helping to make the home feel more spacious is a full-height mirror behind the built-in bar that runs the length of the hallway, and essentially doubles the size of the apartment from a visual point of view.


A mirrored splashback in the kitchen reflects the treetops out over the balcony, giving the illusion of an additional window.


The bathroom is truly luxurious, with a large piece of statuario marble porcelain in the shower and a custom-made raking concrete sink with double faucets.


As the apartment is on the fifth floor, Mr Leverett and Ms Rowley faced the huge task of hauling equipment up several flights of stairs.


“The lift was just a tiny bit too small to get the Gyprock sheeting in, the ceilings were popcorn and the walls painted brick, so everything had to be sheeted. Fifty-two sheets of Gyprock had to be carried up the stairs two at a time because of the weight,” Ms Rowley said.


The team worked on the home during standard work hours only to minimise disturbance to the nearby neighbours.


Source: The West Australian


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Home Renovation in Parramatta, Sydney

Another home renovation project successful completed by our SBK team in Sydney! This property is a Townhouse in Parramatta area. The project includes kitchen and bathroom design and complete renovation.


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霍尔曾是一名电工和房产经纪人,他在24岁时以12.4万元的价格买下了他的第一套房产,利用周末和下班时间进行翻修,大胆地进入了这个世界。 他只花了1.4万元翻修,几年之后,他以26.5万元的价格卖掉了这栋房子,赚了一倍的回报,他与“翻修转售”的不解之缘也开始了。他最近一次的房产销售为他赢得了一笔上百万元的可观利润,所以在“翻新转售”(“flipping”)这方面,汤姆·霍尔(Tom Hall)是很专业的。











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How to Secure More Sales with a Luxury Bathroom Design


In order to secure more potential buyers, developers are looking for ways to incentivise their projects – but what if an incentive could be as simple as transforming a bathroom from "mediocre" to "luxury".


As the residential market becomes more competitive and more developments are brought to fruition, developers are beginning to use luxurious bathroom and laundry spaces as unique selling points to secure more buyers and to stand out from their competition.


Since the bathroom is often viewed as the second most important room in a property (after the kitchen), this strategy makes sense. That’s why it’s important for developers to think about how they can strategically transform these spaces in order to drive their project to success.


Creating a luxury bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, either. Here are five simple ways to take a bathroom/laundry space from mediocre to luxury:


Get Colourful


Kitchen and bathroom spaces are now becoming statement areas, where bold colours and accents work to show-off the property. That’s why developers should be moving away from stock-standard colours and beginning to think outside the box.


Instead of opting for standard chrome tapware, black and gun-metal colours are becoming more popular options and are an easy way to transform the space. Couple this with bold colours that are accented throughout the entire property and the space instantly gets a touch of "luxury".


There are brands of tapware and fittings that come in every colour and style so it is easy for developers to quickly replace their standard options for something more sophisticated.


Embrace Technology


Technology is constantly evolving in every facet of residential development, and bathroom/laundry design is no different. By implementing the latest and most accessible technology in a bathroom, the space feels modern, innovative and forward-thinking.


Imagine being able to tell potential buyers that they can step into the shower and have it set at the perfect temperature, every time. Or that they can set the shower temperature based on a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ method where it’s different depending on who’s using it. That is a powerful selling point.


That’s just one example of the type of technology that modern bathrooms should be implementing: thermostatic mixing valves.




One thing that has become clear in the residential development industry is that potential buyers value the ability to choose. This can be capitalised on by including elements in a bathroom/laundry that can be fully customised depending on the buyers’ individual style.


These customisable elements allow the buyer to create the luxury space that they want – completely dependent on their own style, needs and desires. This is a unique selling point, and it gives the buyer the ability to connect with the development and create something that is their own.


Choose Quality


One of the easiest ways to transform a bathroom and laundry space is by opting for better quality products and toilet suites. Instead of utilising cheap products, choosing brand-name Italian and German products works as an incentive for potential purchasers.


With the rise of home renovation shows and as bathroom design becomes embedded in popular culture, buyers are now becoming more familiar with high-quality brand names and are actively looking for developments that feature Italian and German products.


Use Thoughtful Design


Creating a bathroom/laundry floorplan that has been thought out – right down to where the toilet is in relation to the shower – is the smallest thing that can transform the space into a luxurious one. If a bathroom and laundry space is well designed, it can add significant value to the property and entice more potential buyers.


Developers should consider using smart design strategies and including features such as glass screens, wall-mounted appliances and space-saving techniques to significantly change how the space looks and feels.


These simple tricks work for residential developments of any size and scale, and are an ingenious way to attract potential buyers – especially in a competitive market where having a point of difference is paramount to a project’s success.


Source: The Urban Developer


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十招教你如何把租金涨上去 | 小麦谈地产






















厨房对房子来说是非常重要的一个部分,甚至很多房子销售时的卖点都是厨房。当然,我们并不需要“Master Chef”那种高大上的厨房,但整洁、干净、有现代化电气的厨房会让整个房子更具吸引力,甚至可以弥补房子其他一些小的缺点。










































Source: Chinese.Domain


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French Provincial Kitchens Sydney

Another Classic French Provincial Kitchen successful completed by Sydney Budget Kitchens! Although it was a very expensive luxury kitchen renovation, but worth every penny. Here are some photos to share, after the clean up, it will look even better!


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Tips to achieve a luxurious look for less

home renovation in Sydney
The fewer grout lines you see, the more expansive your floor will look. And you should also ensure you tile from floor to wall.


How do you create that 'no expense spared' feeling minus the associated price tag?


The key to making your dream home renovation a reality is knowing where to splash out for maximum impact, according to Beaumont Tiles' Design Specialist Christie Wood.


"2019 styling is a world of colour - really anything goes - it's a dazzling blend of unexpected materials, mismatched combinations, patinas, and paired back styling.


"Perfect for the budget conscious as there are infinite combinations of on-trend looks that can be efficiently and economically achieved.


Here are Christie's top-three tips for achieving the look of luxury without completely blowing your budget:


high-end timber look tiles
Timber-look tiles are easily the most ground-breaking and best option if you want the high-end timber look but simply don't have the budget.


Pick one feature: Knowing what to splurge on and where to, will do wonders for your budget (and your home!). For the bathroom or kitchen, pair back styling by selecting one luxury feature.


This will not only create a gorgeous focal point for your space, but it will also lift the entire feel of the room.


For the bathroom or ensuite, invest in a feature tile wall or vibrant vanity splashback.


Whereas in the kitchen, splurge on lavish tapware to set the tone of sophistication.


"Hexagons and penny rounds come in an array of shades and create a dramatic impact to any space. They're easy to lay as they generally come on a meshed backing - making them perfect for DIY projects," Ms Wood said.


"Subway tiles are another way to complete the luxe look for less. The key is to use them in an unexpected way like laying them in herringbone or on an angle. For those who are daring, pair them with a coloured grout like navy blue - perfect for a coastal chic or a global fusion inspired project.


"Beyond tiles, consider matt black or brushed gold tapware or a statement bath. Gold gives an affluent edge to nearly anything, and nothing screams high-end more than striking matt black finishes." Or, combine both looks with Beaumont Tiles' Elbrus Tower Basin Mixer in Black Rose Gold.

 Black Rose Gold Bathroom mixer
Beaumont Tiles' Elbrus Tower Basin Mixer in Black Rose Gold


Consider look-a-likes: The good news is, with improvements to the quality of digital inkjet printing, it's never been easier to emulate a look for less. Finishes like timber are elegant and timeless, but they can also take up your entire budget in one hit.


"Timber-look tiles are easily the most ground-breaking and best option if you want the high-end timber look but simply don't have the budget. Not only will they look as good, but they are also easier to maintain, and are water, dent and scratch resistant; not to mention are allergy friendly too," Ms Wood said.


Create space: Attempting to create a luxurious feel in a space that's cramped and cluttered is almost impossible. To make the room more spacious, choose tiles that have 'expanding' properties.


"Large-format or slab tile designs should be your go-to here as sizes can go up to three meters," Ms Wood said. "The fewer grout lines you see, the more expansive your floor will look. You should also ensure you tile from floor to wall - terrazzo is a great option to compliment."


She said another great way to expand your space while adding a touch of elegance is with textured or 3D tiles.


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5 gorgeous Melbourne bathroom renovations

The city might be known for its unique culture, trams and being 'the world's most liveable city' seven years running, but there's more to this part of the world than meets the eye - including some incredible Melbourne bathroom renovations


Below we've collected just a few of our favourite Melbourne bathroom renovations we've showcased over the years here at Complete Home - a range of projects that are sure to inspire you no matter what city or part of the world you live in!


Marble bathroom renovations

Sleek and indulgent marble bathroom

This sleek design is the perfect example of a bathroom renovation done just right - highlighted by gorgeous tapware and shower fittings from Perrin & Rowe, with floor-to-ceiling Elba marble tiles that give the bathroom the ultra-luxury look it carries so well.

Australian luxury hotel bathrooms

Top 6 Australian luxury hotel bathrooms

Nothing quite says opulence like a luxury hotel bathroom - and Australia is blessed with some of the finest. If you like our first bathroom's marble look, the Melbourne bathroom renovation featured here - the Park Hyatt's extravagant Italian marble design with oversized deep-soaking tub and inset TV is perfect for you.

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Bathroom Waterproofing Tips

Proper waterproofing in bathroom wet areas is absolutely vital

Bathroom waterproofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your property floors and walls. It is extremely important for your bathroom renovation. In New South Wales, you can only do your own waterproofing if you’re licensed to do so.  Waterproofing has to be done in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3740-2010 - 'Waterproofing of domestic wet areas'.

most commonly used waterproofing materials in bathroom renovations

Bitumen based

Bitumen based waterproofing materials are not user-friendly enough in comparison with polyurethane or arcylic based coating. It also becomes very brittle and fragile when long exposure to the sunlight.  

Arcylic Based

Arcylic based waterproofing method is the most preferred method by licensed waterproofers and builders because of  its labour and time saving advantages. However, proper surface preparation is very important before and after the waterproofing. 

Poly based

Polyurethane based waterproofing should consist a primer coat and two top coats. The main advantage is the waterproofing layers can be tiled over, so to minimize the water content between the waterproofing layer and tiling layer. It also offers higher flexibility, but it is also more expensive to get the job done. 

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2020 How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

Planning a bathroom renovation but worried about what it is going to cost?

You can realistically spend anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 or more on a bathroom renovation, depending on the size of your bathroom, and how much your materials, fittings and labour costs are.


Most people spend somewhere in the middle of this range - in fact the Housing Industry Association (HIA) found $17,000 to be the average value of a bathroom renovation.  As you can expect there are a lot of variables that impact how much your bathroom renovation will cost. Factors that will affect the cost of your project include:

  • the size of your bathroom

  • the materials you choose

  • the fittings you select

  • labour costs

  • permits, if these are required for your job

Let’s take a more detailed at costs, which we have broken down into three price brackets.


How much does a bathroom renovation cost?
Contemporary Bathroom Draft

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

You can break down the cost of a bathroom renovation into three price brackets:

  • Budget: $5,000 - $15,000

  • Standard: $15,000 - $30,000

  • Premium: $30,000+

As a guideline, expect to spend in the region of:

  • $5,000 - $15,000 for a budget or cosmetic renovation of a smaller bathroom using budget materials and fittings.

  • $15,000 - $30,000 for an average sized mid-range bathroom renovation using mid-range materials and fittings.

  • $30,000+ for a high end, premium or luxury bathroom renovation using top of the range materials and fittings.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail, and what you get for your money.


Budget bathroom renovation: $5,000 - $15,000

It is possible to do a bathroom renovation for around $5,000, but this will largely be cosmetic or involve swapping out a few items. Spending up to $15,000 will also involve some compromises, such as keeping all your plumbing and electrics in place. To stay in this budget you will also need to choose large format porcelain tiles in the $30 per square metre range - which are durable and available in a wide range of colours. If you are installing a new shower you will need to stick to a framed shower screen, as well as a standard back to wall toilet and floor mounted vanity.


Standard bathroom renovation: $15,000 - $30,000

Budget $15,000 to $30,000 for your project - which is what most people spend, and you get better materials and fittings. You will have a larger range of tiles to choose from in the $50 per square metre range, and could even stretch your budget to more labour intensive mosaics in the shower cubicle. You could also upgrade to a semi-frameless or frameless shower screen, and choose a larger or fancier freestanding bathtub, and bathroom vanity. In terms of moving services, you can make some changes but not major alterations to plumbing or electrics.


Premium or luxury bathroom renovation: $30,000+

Budget $30,000 and more and you are likely to want to completely overhaul your bathroom and make major changes to the layout and services. You may want to install a frameless shower screen, in wall cistern and wall hung vanity, as well as a luxurious freestanding bathtub. If you want the best tiles for your walls or floors then look at ranges of porcelain tiles in the $60 per square metre range.


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Thinking of renovating? Here are the top winter trends you need to know

kitchen renovation in Sydney
Renovators spent an average of $20,000 on their kitchens. Photo: Creative by Design


The heart may be where the home is, but that doesn’t mean all rooms are created equal.


Go back fifty years and kitchens were built to be hidden in the back of houses. Their practical cousin, the bathroom, suffered a similar fate.


But now these two rooms are taking centre stage. We want our kitchens to be more than clean and our bathrooms better than basic.


They’re the two rooms we are more likely to renovate and don’t mind splashing the cash to get what we want.


Last year, Australian renovators spent an average $20,000 on their kitchens and $13,000 on their master bathrooms, according to analysis from Houzz.


How To Use The Space

Kitchens aren’t just places to cook anymore
Kitchens and bathrooms are the two main rooms we renovate. Photo: Creative by Design


Whether you’re planning a full-scale renovation or just a simple makeover, both the rooms need to hit the right balance between practicality and style, says Richard Armstrong from The Makeover Group.


“The first question we ask is how do they use the space?” he told The New Daily.


“What food do they cook? If it’s a particular cuisine you need to structure the room to fit the appliances.


“The way people are entertaining – do they do the cooking beforehand and have a big reveal in the dining room? Or do they stand around the bench pouring champagne and watching as some poor sod cooks.”


Kitchens aren’t just places to cook anymore, they’re often where we socialise but we like them to have a classical look, says Rosana McLeod from Creative by Design.


New Renovation Design Trends

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据Domain报道,建筑师Yvonne Haber给我们提出了三点建议。












Yvonne Haber表示,如果你自己没有信心把房子装修或扩建好,请找一位专业人士来帮忙。毕竟现在房价飙升,在花费了金钱和精力之后房子反而贬值那就得不偿失了。


Source: Sydney Today


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Michelle和Davida Black是一对普通的澳洲两口子,最近他们有个活生生的例子,告诉你为什么连花钱也要趁早。











Australian luxury hotel bathrooms


  • WA Plumbers make $87.67 per hour
  • WA Electricians earn $87.33 per hour
  • NSW Builders average $77.85 per hour
  • NSW Plumbers bring in $77.42 per hour
  • VIC Plumbers make $77.03 per hour
  • QLD Electricians earn $75.23 per hour
  • WA Builders make $71.52 per hour
  • QLD Landscapers make $70.57 per hour
  • VIC Electricians make $68.68 per hour
  • QLD Plumbers make $68.58 per hour





要不要对比一下今天出炉的另一组数据——最新的维州大学生毕业起薪的中位数排行榜。ACU荣获冠军,以$55600/年领跑其它学校。Monash 和墨大的毕业生起薪中位数在$55000/年!


之后就是Victoria Uni,Swinburne,Deakin以及La Trobe!垫底的是RMIT,并且落后倒数第二近$2000/年!这意味着大学生的起薪大概只有每小时27元左右。而且这一部分数据只是调查了那些愿意接受调查的学生!仍有大量没找到工作,工资不高的学生因没有接受调查而没被算在数据裡!










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Fully-renovated Victorian home goes on the market close to Goulburn CBD

A stylish Victorian-era home which has been fully renovated and is located close to the CBD has gone on the market in Goulburn for $635,000.

Home Renovations fully
Large bathroom renovations
Bedrooms with fireplaces

Built in 1890, the four-bedroom two-bathroom house at 88 Clifford Street offers heritage appeal combined with contemporary luxury.



It also has the advantage of mixed-use zoning, meaning it can be used for residential or business purposes (subject to council approval).


Listing agent John Connell of Ray White Goulburn said the house was completely renovated around two months ago, with new carpet, a new kitchen and bathroom, restored fireplaces, rewiring, replumbing, ducted heating and a new Colorbond roof.


It is located just one block from the CBD and is close to Victoria Park, the swimming centre, schools and the hospital.



“Properties renovated to this detail one block from the CBD don’t come on the market very often,” Mr Connell said.


The home features a large main bedroom with a walk-in robe and ensuite, while the other three spacious bedrooms all have restored fireplaces and two have pressed metal ceilings.

Caesarstone bench tops Kitchen reno

The kitchen has a lovely exposed rubble stone wall, Caesarstone bench tops, ample cupboard space with gas cooktop and oven

Undercover Pergola

The living room is situated at the rear which flows smoothly to the undercover pergola with steps up to the private backyard, perfect to host family entertainment.

Source: The RiotACT

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The top five tips you need to know before renovating

In life, there are three situations that will inevitably be stressful, time-consuming and tear-jerking.

Divorce, death and home renovations – particularly the big-ticket types.

Whether you’re planning a quick DIY job or inviting a small army of tradies into your home, there are some golden rules you can follow so you don’t just survive but thrive through the process.

Think ahead

Before you jump in the deep end, you need to think about where you’ll be in five years, says director of The Makeover Group, Richard Armstrong.

“You have to ask, what is the goal with the house? What will you do with it in the future?” he told The New Daily. “One of the pitfalls is people will often renovate the house with what their current needs are, opposed to five years time.

kitchen renovation
“You have to ask, what is the goal with the house?” Photo: Richard Armstrong

Don’t just talk about what you might need in the future but also how you want to use the space, says Mr Armstrong.

“The house needs to be designed around you and the way you live. Make sure you look at your lifestyle. How do you want to live? How do you entertain? Do you work from home? All those things about how you want to use the house.”

Get a plan

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装修入住一年,发现了不少糟心事, 心塞,现在就和大家分享一下,还没装修的朋友可以参考一下。



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How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen this year, it’s really important that you know what you’re up against in terms of cost.

Here, the Sydney-based home improvement platform, houseace, take us through a step-by-step look at all the costs involved in a kitchen renovation – from design fees and flooring, to plumbing and appliances.

What is the average kitchen renovation cost in Australia?

  • Starting point = $18,000
  • Standard price range = $25,000-$35,000
  • Premium price range = $40,000-$100,000+

Size matters…

Though these figures are just averages, it’s important to note that the size of your kitchen will significantly affect the cost of your renovation. For example, it could cost as little as $11,000 to renovate a small kitchen, and $60,000+ to undertake a standard, large renovation.

Size (m2) Average cost
Small (<8) $11,000-$20,000
Medium (8-20) $15,000-$40,000
Large (20+) $30,000-$60,000+
Turramurra home renovations
376 Bobbin Head Road, Turramurra, NSW
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This leaking backyard shed was renovated into an adorable tiny house for $20K

The new owners of this home in the USA inherited a backyard shed that was far too large to ignore. With some clever DIY, they managed to turn their backyard "eyesore" into a moneymaker.


It took them a year of fitting in DIY work in the evenings and on weekends after their day jobs, but the couple now has one very cute tiny house for "beloved—and paying—guests," according to Apartment Therapy.


"We were both interested in the idea of creating a 'tiny house' space, and wanted to see how we could create a space that was comfortable while still compact," they explain.

"When we purchased our home in the West Ashley area of Charleston, it came with a pretty run-of-the-mill storage shed... but at 200 square feet, it was far too large for our needs. On top of that, the roof leaked pretty badly in several places (we later found that it lacked adequate waterproofing during the renovation) and it was a bit of an eyesore that dominated our backyard," explain owners Jesse and Ashley Darland.


"We really liked the idea of generating our own income, plus we would also gain a stylish place for friends and family to stay when they came to visit."

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5 tax-effective renovations for your investment property

Investors may be able to receive thousands more in tax deductions on renovations by carefully choosing their fixtures, fittings and materials, according to one quantity surveyor.

Mike Mortlock, managing director of MCG Quantity Surveyors, said it is possible for investors to effectively utilise depreciation to minimise tax on renovations to their investment property whilst still achieving quality results.


“By understanding what items create the most tax-effective benefits, you can make smarter choices that will add thousands to your result without having to outlay a penny more in costs,” he explained.


Here are Mr Mortlock’s top five tips to reduce tax paid when renovating:

tax deductions on home renovations

Invest in the kitchen not the bathroom

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The five renovation tips that will make you the most money

Home renovations hit a 14-year high last years as tighter lending conditions saw fewer Aussies move house.


In fact, the volume of renovations in the September 2018 quarter was 11 per cent higher than the same quarter in 2017.


And with the Australian property market set to fall further, this could well continue, says Master Builders Australia’s chief economist, Shane Garrett.


“The tightening of credit conditions have prevented many families from being able to move house over the past year. It seems that some of those have decided to renovate their existing home instead,” he said.


“Australia’s home renovations industry may be an unintended beneficiary of the tougher lending policies.”


But some renovation decisions are better than others when it comes to depreciation and home value.


Many renovators don’t understand the way their choices of materials, fittings and fixtures will affect the size of their tax return, MCG Quantity Surveyors, Mike Mortlock said.


“Most renovators try and save money by tackling DIY work, but there are smarter ways to increase your result without additional hard labour,” Mortlock said.


“I’ve run scenarios which show investors can create added thousands in tax deductions on a renovation simply by selecting one item or finish over another.”


Here are five ways to make the most from your renovations:

house renovations timber flooring

1. Focus on your kitchen, not your bathroom

Boost your tax outcome by spending more on your cooking area.


Kitchen renovations attract higher depreciation rates thanks to the sheer quantity of assets defined as plant and equipment items. These items depreciate fastest under the ATO guidelines, Mortlock explained.


All kitchen appliances are considered plant and equipment, but appliances with this classification are limited in the bathroom.


“I’ve run some typical numbers based on a $20,000 renovation and choosing to spend up in the kitchen instead of the bathroom can result in an additional $2,000 in deductions across the first three years.”

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These are the seven dirtiest places in your kitchen

kitchen sinks
Sinks require daily care to fight bacteria. Photo: Supplied

How clean is your kitchen?

Your imagination can run wild thinking of the bacteria lurking in your home. But people tend to look in the wrong direction when it comes to fighting germs in the kitchen. Disinfect these seven germ sanctuaries as soon as possible.



Your refrigerator

Your refrigerator harbors bacteria in some surprising places. Ice and water dispensers, vegetable crispers, meat drawers, and door seals are some of the germiest!

To do: Use a disinfectant when you clean the fridge, do a white vinegar flush of the water dispenser, and clean and sanitise the ice maker and ice bin. If your fridge needs extra care (and elbow grease), consider hiring a cleaning service that offers appliance cleaning.

Countertop appliances

Countertop appliances need more intensive cleaning than you might think. In fact, not doing things like flushing your coffee maker and disinfecting your blender gasket can put you at risk of ingesting unsafe bacteria.

To do: Run a cycle of white vinegar and water through your coffee maker, and tackle scum on slow cookers with white vinegar and baking soda. Disassemble your blender and wash every component with soap and water. And remember to unplug appliances before cleaning.


Think of all of the hands, bags and containers that land on your countertops throughout the day. A quick wipe-down won't be enough to fully clean the surface and prevent cross-contamination.

To do: Disinfect your countertops daily and let them air dry. And consider installing a nonporous countertop material like engineered quartz to reduce germ accumulation!

The sink

Sinks require daily care to fight bacteria. Disinfecting them regularly will reduce the risk of contaminating foods and dishware, and will make your sink less appealing to pests.

To do: Flush sink drains weekly or bi-weekly with hot water and bleach or vinegar and baking soda. And disinfect your sink basin every night. If your sink is slow to drain or produces a smell, it might help to connect with a local plumber.

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Making your project a success

Building a new house or renovating your current one can be an exciting time. But things can easily go wrong, especially with more complex projects. We ask the experts how to make your build a success.

house renovations factors
Things can go wrong when building a house or during renovations.

Keep it water tight

If there’s one thing homeowners need to get right, it’s waterproofing. Brian Seidler, Master Builders Association NSW executive director explains why.


“Water defects are the biggest issue homeowners face with kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations. 48 per cent of defects are water-related and the problem is due to the incorrect application of waterproofing products, or the wrong product for the particular application.”


Doing your own research is essential to understanding what needs to be done to waterproof your home and ask your builder what waterproofing process they will be using.


“We had a recent example where two builders quoted for the same job, and one was $90,000 cheaper. The difference in the build and price was in the waterproofing alone. But the project had five wet areas planned and the higher quote detailed a different process that was more thorough and effective.”


Run a fine-toothed comb through the quote, don’t skimp on research and find out as much information as you can. “This is where the relationship with your builder comes into play. Keep the channels of communication open and ensure they will be using the right products and techniques to the necessary standards or above.”


Damage from failing waterproofing works can have huge repercussions on the structural integrity of your home and your hip pocket.


“Double and triple check everything. Asking as many experts as possible is always better done before the build, rather than after the trouble starts.”

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Passive design on display at custom-built Downer home

How much does a Home renovation cost?
42 Durack Street in Downer is on the market for $1,650,000 and is being sold by home

When Jane Goodall and Christopher Parkinson bought 42 Durack Street in Downer – then a typical Canberra 1960s property – in 2013, they were planning to simply extend the house.


“We fell in love with the beautiful oak trees that line the street. It’s a friendly, quiet neighbourhood but surrounded by lots of good cafes, restaurants and walking trails,” Jane explains.


“We lived in the cottage for about a year before we committed to doing anything. That was helpful to get to know where the sun shines in and get a feel for the block.”

Planning your home renovation
Sellers Jane Goodall and Christopher Parkinson fell in love with Durack Street and its oak trees back in 2013
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A renovation to inspire followers of fashionable interiors

This beautiful home was made over by its retailer owner — with every step of the way documented for social media.

Home living area renovation
Light and lovely: Nat Wheeler’s serene living area. Picture: Lisa Cohen

Nat Wheeler has got it bad for renovating. In fact, she openly admits being obsessed by it.


“There’s nothing I love more than a little demolition work,” Ms Wheeler said.


Over the years, she has renovated three houses and, with her Norsu Interiors store business partner Kristy Sadlier, four shops (the latest is the new norsuHome Concept store in Malvern East).


Her fixation with remodelling spaces began when she was just 12 years old and decided to hire a steamer to remove the pink wallpaper in her bedroom.


“Back then, I wasn’t into pink at all, but through my work with Norsu, it has become my signature colour,” Ms Wheeler said.


So, when it came time to renovate the California bungalow in Glen Iris that she shares with husband Dan and their two children, Annabel, 7, and Harvey, 4, she was absolutely in her element.

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Budget, mid-range or luxury: how much does a bathroom renovation really cost?

Want to see the back of those ugly old wall tiles, that scratched bathtub? How about that mouldy grouting that refuses to come clean? Along with the kitchen, revamping a bathroom – especially if you want to rip out the entire thing and start again – is one of the most expensive projects you can undertake.

Before: Bathroom Renovations

It can also be difficult to budget for, with the price varying wildly depending on fittings, the tradespeople you employ and whether your new bathroom is highly customised or more of an off-the-rack number.


We asked some experts for the lowdown on three levels of bathroom renovations: budget, mid-range and luxury.

After: Bathroom Renovations
After: Bathroom Renovations
Before: Bathroom Renovations

The budget bathroom renovation Cost: $5000 (partial renovation) to $27,000

If you’re really watching your pennies – say it’s a cheap-ish investment property – you can still give your bathroom a rev-up, says James Mason, the builder behind website Renovation Junkies.


“A very basic facelift would be between $5000 and $10,000 … including painting or resurfacing over the tiles, painting over the old bath that looks a bit chipped and scratched,” Mason says.


Small changes such as replacing an old shower curtain or vanity can also make a big impression.


“For a rental property, say a standard little fibro shack with a very dated 1960s and 1970s bathroom, [a mini-makeover] is a good way to get a little bit of extra rental income,” he says.


Hunting for bargain tiles at wholesale discount stores or auction houses will help your budget. Though Mason warns another budget tactic – DIY – can backfire and wind up costing more if you don’t prepare properly.


Richard Armstrong, director of The Makeover Group, says a full budget renovation will set you back between $20,000 and $27,000.


“In that sort of situation, you’d be buying off-the-shelf cabinetry,” Armstrong says. Tiles, kept to a minimum to reduce labour costs, might be in the $12 per square-metre range from somewhere like Bunnings, and a standard shower base could be about $130.

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Time to get inspired. These are the top four bathroom trends as voted by customers to get you started.

Neo classic

Old meets new in a contemporary expression of a classic style.

Contemporary Bathroom Renovation
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Which renovations offer the best return when you sell?

House owners are still very confident about return on investment putting money into their property so there is a lot of work going on in the renovation market.


Kitchen renovation offers the best profit return when you sell the property as recommended by Domain. Some other renovations can cost much more than they will ever give you back.


Bathroom renovations can cost up to $30,000. Renovating new modern bathrooms significantly add to your home value and your quality of life!



Contact Us For A Free Quote And Renovation Design By Email.

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How to incorporate different styles in the home without doing a full makeover

revamp your style
If you find yourself thinking your home is looking a bit boring or tired, you might want to revamp your style and living spaces. Photo: iStock

If you find yourself thinking your home is looking a bit boring or tired, you might want to revamp your style and living spaces.

You don’t need a full renovation if the bones are already there – in fact, a neutral palette as a starting point gives you the opportunity to jump off in any number of style directions.

Understanding the origin and foundations of a style allows you to fuse your home’s bones with a fresh look from popular design schemes:


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Planning is key to keeping a renovation on time and on budget, but even the best laid plans falter. Allow time for the inevitable setbacks. Here are some roadblocks to look out for.

Inspect what's underneath

Sometimes you may find surprises like rotting floor or water leaks under your tiles. Be sure to take a look for these early with a building inspection so you know what to expect.

Inspect water leaks
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A Prospect home has been given a jaw-dropping renovation

Three months after its previous sale, a Prospect character home is back on the market, having been given a complete renovation. Wait until you see the before and after photos.
Home Full Renovation
1 Connaught Street, Prospect before and after its full renovation.

According to CoreLogic, this 1920s villa in Prospect previously sold in November last year for $525,000.

Now it’s back on the market, with a price tag of $780,000 to $840,000, having been given a jaw-dropping makeover.


Selling agent Blake Scholz, of Ray White Unley, doesn’t like to use the term “flip” but confirms the house, at 1 Connaught St has been improved for resale by vendors who are highly experienced renovators with access to a team of professional tradies.


“It’s had a complete renovation from top to bottom — they’ve done everything,” Mr Scholz says.

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2019 cost guide | Bathroom storage tips

Is your bathroom feeling a teensie weensy bit cluttered?


Chances are you don’t have enough storage. It’s a well know psychological trick of mind that having a tidy, ordered space helps you feel relaxed and in control. Here we are talking about elements like a cabinet with drawers, shelves, rails, racks, baskets and boxes - anything that can help keep your stuff organised and out of sight. If you are working with a smaller space adding mirrors can make even the smallest bathroom feel light-filled and bigger.


There are lots of other tips and tricks to get your bathroom storage up to scratch - let’s check some out.

Bathroom Renovation Planning

Planning your bathroom storage

When planning bathroom storage, there are a number things that you need to consider. First of all how many people use the bathroom and what you need to store. Most people need to take care of towels, makeup, toiletries and cleaning supplies - but you could have more.


Also consider the actual layout of the bathroom. You will want to place your built-in storage so that the items contained are easily accessible. The vanity is the largest single item of storage in the bathroom and is likely to hold things such as the hairdryer, makeup, and cleaning supplies. Ensure that it is the right size and configuration for your needs, with plenty of drawers and cupboard space.


As well as built-in storage, consider using freestanding storage such as freestanding storage such as shelving and boxes. This will give you flexibility in your bathroom design as you’ll be able to move the storage to suit you.

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The biggest bathroom design trends of 2019

Last Sunday on The Block, the contestants revealed their main bathrooms to the judges – Courtney and Hans won the top prize.

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, practicality can get in the way of style. But for 2019, efficiency meets old-school luxury and sees the bathroom transform into the ultimate stylish wellness zone.

From the right colour palette to wall treatments, here are the bathroom trends to take note of. They’re so chic, you will want to leave the door open.

Main Bathroom Renovation Sydney
Bianca and Carla's main bathroom. Photo: Channel Nine

Natural materials

Bathroom week saw natural materials in many guises take centre stage. Bianca and Carla’s stone feature wall wowed the judges and drew attention to the importance of natural materials in this room.

Natural and man-made stone trumps the current trend for wood, with designers set to revel in it. “2019 is all about coloured marbles,” says Sara Chamberlain, of The Real Estate Stylist. “It doesn’t need to be applied to permanent fittings. Get creative, introducing beautiful coloured marble in the form of bathroom accessories like trays and soap dishes. It makes it an affordable trend.”

Likewise, Italian terrazzo is making a big comeback, and featured in Courtney and Hans’ winning main bathroom. All three judges agreed that the use of terrazzo was a stylish choice and helped pay homage to the original style of the building.

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The ultimate guide to renovation costs

There are so many great reasons to renovate your home; improved on your quality of life, increased resale value, or even just to simply update its aesthetic. But the biggest obstacle to renovating, for most people, is cost.

These are the usual expenses associated with remodelling, and we’ll drop some hot tips on how to save a few dollars here and there on your renovation.

How much does a full home renovation cost?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your renovation’s overall cost (more on that later). According to Service Seeking, minor renovations can cost as little as $20,000, but you can easily go over $300,000 for a complete transformation. Most of these costs go to labour, while the next biggest expense is sourcing materials.

Home Renovation Planning
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Interior designer Nola Charles reveals Gosford apartment transformation

She has worked all over the world from LA to North Queensland and the Southern Highlands. Interior designer Nola Charles has now transformed her Central Coast apartment. Check out the before and afters.

Apartment Designer
Nola Charles interior designer's Gosford apartment on John Whiteway Dr.

She has been an interior designer for 52 years, working on big country houses in the Southern Highlands, resort projects in North Queensland and recently doing some work in LA.


Nola Charles has now decided to put down roots in Gosford, renovating a 20-year-old apartment on John Whiteway Dr with sweeping views of the Brisbane Waters.


Purchasing the property with her husband for $645,000 in May last year, Mrs Charles said that the decision to settle was an accident of fate – the pair were looking for a renovation project, but when they saw the apartment, decided to make it home.

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Reno reveal: The good, bad and ugly of home renovating

They went for three months without hot water and had to climb a ladder to get in and out of the house, but it was all worth it for one Brisbane couple. SEE THE BEFORE AND AFTER PICS

House renovation, selling for profits.
Dane Reay and Rebecca Bartley inside the home they have renovated in Windsor.

THEY went for three months without hot water and had to climb a ladder to get in and out of the house, but it was all worth it if you ask Dane Reay.


The Brisbane fly-in-fly-out worker with a passion for home renovating admits his partner, Rebecca Bartley, was a “trooper” to live through their latest project.


The couple stumbled across the tiny, rundown cottage in Windsor on their way back from another disappointing home inspection.

House Renovation Before and After
BEFORE: The front of the house at 101 Victoria St, Windsor, before it was renovated.
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Relaxed renovation philosophy when transforming property

The owner of this house has a philosophy for renovation so simple, it will make you wonder why you did not do the same.

House renovation, then sell to make profits.
The house at 80 Gatton Street, Mount Gravatt East, is for sale.


MARCIN Machura and his wife Cynamon Norris bought their Mount Gravatt East home four years ago for its potential.


Mr Machura said they had been looking for a property they could improve and the house at 80 Gatton St fit the bill.

Simple kitchen renovation
The kitchen has been recently renovated.
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‘We wanted to make the house great:’ How an inner west couple pulled off a perfect renovation

Today, it’s a showcase for what could be seen as the perfect renovation, with a third bedroom, airy open-plan layout, a sleek modern kitchen and an underground workshop and storage.


When finance industry worker Amynta Wilson bought her house in 2013, it was a typical old two-bedroom terrace with small living and dining rooms, a kitchen that had seen better days, and an outside toilet and laundry.


“For us, liveability was a big thing, with heaps of storage,” says Wilson, 32, who now has an 18-month-old son. “We wanted to make the house great for entertaining. And now with our son, we can’t go anywhere, so everyone comes to us instead!”

How an inner west couple pulled off a perfect renovation
Prior to being renovated, the interiors were dark, and there was no lower level living area.

An open-plan Designer Kitchen

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