Is black Tapware still on trend in 2022

Black bathroom tapware is a look that is undoubtably striking. Is black tapware here to stay? This is a common question in the bathroom design in 2022. Will black tapware date? Will black tapware fade? Here is what we think:

 Is black bathroom tapware here to stay?

Is black bathroom tapware here to stay?

Black bathroom tapware is a very beautiful highlight at the moment. Black tapware can work well with any style of bathroom and is still fast growing in popularity. It’s perhaps not for everyone, but you can’t deny it has got staying power in 2022!

Black Tapware in Bathroom Renovation Design

choosing black tapware over chrome For bathroom Design

Chrome has been a bathroom design standard for years, but black finished tapeware can’t be compared to other trend-inspired finishes which have come and gone. We would strongly suggest to choose black over chrome in the right bathroom. Black has an advantage over other fad finishes. You can now get black matching hardware and accessories, and this theme can be carried right throughout the bathroom, and even your kitchen space.

Black Bathroom Tapware with White Tiles

What are the pros and cons of black tapware?

By choosing black bathroom tapware you will get that instant wow-factor! It’s perfect for a little bit of detail that says ‘I’m on trend’. There’s a lot to love about black tapware, and if it does get a bit tired or feel like an old fad in many years to come, it’s fairly easy to update by our plumbers!

Black Bathroom Shower Rail with Black Bathroom Curtain Rail


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