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Carlton unit Renovation

This affordable and quality Carlton home renovation project was successfully completed by Sydney Budget Kitchens. We provided the most innovative custom made design in Sydney! Also see our customer top review below.

Carlton Kitchen Renovation Before vs. After

Carlton Bathroom Renovation Before vs. After

Carlton Home Renovation Review By Homeowner

To Sydney Budget Kitchens,

Thank you very much for the top-notch work done on our kitchen and bathroom. First moving in, we had to endure a terrible kitchen and bathroom in its original state that was literally falling apart – well used over the DECADES. We now find it so hard to leave the house because after renovating, our house looks absolutely gorgeous.

Both my partner and I are sincerely happy and appreciative of your work! You have transformed our property into a home. We were new to the renovation scene, and because Sydney Budget Kitchens took their time in following up and making sure that all the bases were covered, it eased our worries a lot. Of about 4-5 different contractors we spoke to, we felt Sydney Budget Kitchens was the one that genuinely wanted to do the best they could for us.

Price-wise, after doing many comparisons, some figures quoted to us were exorbitant, and some were so low that it raised suspicion. The price we paid for this job we felt was very, very competitive. Because we also wanted a higher quality finish, we paid extra and chose our own tiles and kitchen appliances. The total came up to the mid-$20k mark.

Our job consisted of an entire make-over, ripping everything out and starting afresh. The entire job took only 2 weeks! With so much work to be done, problems were inevitable, and we were expecting the worst. However, the issues that popped up were surprisingly very minor and far between. One of the examples was a mixer that couldn’t fit, which had to be replaced, easy enough.

Considering some of the horror stories we’ve heard, our whole renovation went VERY SMOOTHLY. From start to the end Sydney Budget Kitchens were very professional, courteous, and efficient! 

The only small issue was that some of the workers did not speak much English, so sometimes it was harder to get the message across. However, Mick always kept us in the loop, and he personally dealt with all of our queries.

It’s been a month since the completion of the renovations, and yet we are still boggled by the end result of our kitchen and bathroom. It is worlds apart from what we had before and we are absolutely delighted with how it turned out. In all, if you are looking to do some renovations on your kitchen and bathroom at a price that is reasonable with a quality finish, we reserve no hesitation in recommending Sydney Budget Kitchens for the job. To everyone at Sydney Budget Kitchens, thank you so very much for the job well done.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Colin & Justine

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