2018 · 29. December 2018
SYDNEY’S housing market might be cooling, but apparently, home renovations are booming.
2018 · 28. December 2018
There’s no doubt today’s kitchens are very different to those of 20 years ago. These days kitchens are more than just areas to prepare food. Instead they serve as a family meeting place, an office, or even the main entertaining area.

2018 · 27. December 2018
Home Renovation of $30k took 37 years incredible transformation
2018 · 21. December 2018
Declining house prices have been well documented in recent months. Auction clearance rates in Sydney at the start of December were as low as 41% and many economists are predicting interest rates hikes and a recession like housing market. Renovating your home can add a lot of value.

2018 · 12. November 2018
Black bathroom tapware is on-trend and now easily accessible. But, is it a trend that will pass or is black tapware here to stay? We’ve got the pros and cons from the senior designers at one of Melbourne’s largest volume builders, Porter Davis.
2018 · 25. January 2018
霍尔曾是一名电工和房产经纪人,他在24岁时以12.4万元的价格买下了他的第一套房产,利用周末和下班时间进行翻修,大胆地进入了这个世界。 他只花了1.4万元翻修,几年之后,他以26.5万元的价格卖掉了这栋房子,赚了一倍的回报,他与“翻修转售”的不解之缘也开始了。

2018 · 13. January 2018
Home painting will keep your home renovation looking its best for many years to come. here is A very good article to share: How To Choose the Perfect Paint Color? Look at The Light!
2018 · 12. January 2018
As we are extremely busy with ongoing kitchens and bathrooms renovation projects, our kitchen and bathroom showroom is open by appointments only.

2018 · 03. January 2018
It's tempting to choose the most stylish kitchen or the most affordable options and forget to think through everything that you need. Whether you're renovating your own kitchen or an investment property, it's important to remember the most desirable and most used features in a kitchen.